Surya PDM1004 Pandemonium Area Rug

Surya PDM1004 Pandemonium Round Area Rug

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Mike Farrell is known for innovative, imaginative designs with playfulness and humor. During a visit to Argentina years ago, he was captivated by the Bohemian style and culture of the country, which drives many of his designs today. Surya's collections by Mike Farrell are a reflection of his creative and innovative way of looking at design.
Crafting a sense of marvelous modern design that is utterly incomparable, the divine rugs of the Pandemonium collection by Mike Ferrell for Surya offer a truly unique, alluring addition from room to room within any home décor. Hand hooked in 100% polypropylene, glamorous geometric prints flawlessly fashion themselves in a vibrant color palette, crafting a sense of chic charm in your space.

Fabric Material: 100% Polypropylene